The Great Divide

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This is what was originally meant by the Great Divide. The Continental Divide.

Boy! The times have changed!

Now, all you have to do is mention a subject or topic, and the stances are staggeringly diverse. There is the middle, which is where I like to reside. That simply means I can lean right or left, neutral, or undecided. It’s possibly the antisocial status, being that you don’t necessarily agree with the majority,  which do lean right or left–and not just a little. Savagely. Blindly, on many occasions. Facts are made up on the spot, and the truth ignored, and emotions and opinion replace reality. Words are used that don’t even apply. Reading that someone is a racist because they don’t like Muslim ideology, when Islam covers every race on this planet, as does Christianity, and the proper term would be “bigot”. You know, because everyone has to be tolerant, lol. I “lol” that because it seems that the tolerant are intolerant of intolerance. You have to accept their sociology, their philosophy, their belief that they are intellectually superior, or else! They are all experts on the subject. Just ask them.

Let’s say a new post pops up. Could be on AOL, Yahoo, MSNBC, FoxNews, Facebook, or even here. First, the narcissists (and yes, by definition, they are) will form their groups. It’s kind of the “hey, we run this and all things” approach, you will see them say hello to one another, pat one another on the back, and you know right then and there that these are going to be the loudest of the posters. They waste no time attacking. Like lions showing up to feast on their pride’s hunt, they embark on a belligerent rant that borders incoherent lunacy. These are the ones that have already formed an opinion, set it in stone, and in their superior tolerance, refuse to tolerate anyone who sees the subject otherwise. And it’s as divided as the languages of the world. I don’t mean by the sheer number. It’s like trying to speak Chinese, when all you know is English. It’s a total language barrier, and there is no translation.

May your God help you if you don’t go along with the majority. Otherwise, you are a racist, bigoted, redneck, white trash, pedophile, as well as stupid, xenophobic, imperialistic, need I go on? I once received the remark “your a racist cracker.” I’m glad she told me, because up until then, the only people I didn’t care for were ignorant, uneducated adults with a lack of ability to use contractions and WOW! what an oxymoron from a moron! Should I have retorted by calling her a “f**king foul-mouth”? Well, I also don’t care for immoral people. But if that makes me a racist cracker, sign me up! These assaults come from some people who can barely use a two-syllable word, let alone three, couldn’t do a spell check if a large check mark was the only thing appearing on their screen, let alone grammar. My favorite is “your an idiot”. So says the genius that can’t use contractions, and “idiot” is hardly appropriate when you’ve formed a complete thought, conveyed that thought, and while the opposition might find the statement counter-productive to their own agenda, it doesn’t make the statement originally made any less factual. But then again, it’s the tolerance mainframe. Bend the rules to suit themselves and those who agree with them.

There are always one or two posters that seem to flow a little deeper than their extremist colleagues, with the spastic quips. These are the people who can spin the facts, and do it well, even if they don’t think it is as transparent as the drunk who stumbles into a church. Everyone sees and smells the drunk but the drunk. They feel entitled to their own version of the facts, and are very easily pushed into the arena with the other gorillas. I once had a retired Kentucky State Police detective so over the edge, that he resorted to childish retorts of calling me Paulie and laughing about it. I think he tasered himself one too many times, and he was certainly incapable of buying a clue with a rebate. But that’s how it goes when you disagree with even one segment of a thread that has manifested itself into the TRUTH of the right or the left.

For example: “The butter is on the table”. Putting aside the exponential complications of inflection, what can we surmise from this statement? Someone didn’t put it away? Someone put it there on purpose? Is it on a dish, or on the table itself? Who cares!?! It’s a fact. The butter is on the table.  More often than not, emphasis is placed on the things we don’t see, like the FACT that someone eats dairy products, and could be okay with the systematic abuse of bovine heifers in pursuit of their own dietary indulgences! Somehow the possibility gets lumped in with fact, and becomes fact as well. This is a constant transgression and you could figuratively drown in hyperbole. Regulate them, and it’s censorship, an infraction on their Constitutional right to free speech. Studies consistently show that anonymity on the web is a ticket for irresponsible, uneducated, antisocial individuals to undermine participation of the collective think tank. If you don’t think so, just check out the research being done by Dr. Karen Douglas. Or even the Prison Experiment done by Stanford Professor Philip Zimbardo.

I realize how easy it is to spin something. We all do. Quote FNC and you’ve spun something “right”. MSNBC, and you’ve spun it “left”. They spoon-feed their minions, and they suck it up like manna from God himself. Religion, lol. God himself. I thoroughly enjoy those who change religion to suit their needs. Typically, entertainment likes to portray God as a woman, when the fact is that the Bible states God made man in his image. I’ve seen some pretty boyish women, but that’s not what the verse meant. Being “Christian” (Christ-like) has evolved. Right-wing and left-wing Christians are not very Christ-like in any sense, unless they have long hair, perhaps. They don’t travel the lands preaching the word of God, the leftist ACLU and new-age Democrats have done all but remove God from “The Lord’s Prayer”, and Christianity has been renamed “Tolerance”. The book of Tolerance is anything that suits the needs of the NeoChristians (more like NonChristians). The Bible doesn’t preach tolerance for other religions, nor does it condone homosexuality, let alone same-sex marriage. If you are not baptized and do not believe that you are saved, through the grace of Jesus Christ’s death, you will burn in Hell. You are not Christian. It’s as simple as that. You don’t get to change it because you want to, or because it makes you feel better, or goes along with your view of tolerance. Christianity is Christianity and it’s rules are permanent! The Bible is not the Constitution, there are no amendments, and unless God himself changes it, then that’s that.

Even the whole belief in “Karma” as identified in entertainment like My Name is Earl is misconstrued as to its origin. If you’re a Buddhist, then it’s a part of your religion. If you’re not, it’s not. I don’t know a single “Christian” that believes in reincarnation. I don’t know of any non-Buddhist that believes in reincarnation. Yet, people continue to “make that song their own”, don’t they? And WOW! do they get mad when told they don’t get to change the rules. It’s a part of their being. The world must bow down to their narcissistic viewpoint, or else “your a racist cracker” rofl. That’s the practice of the new non-religion “tolerance”. Tolerance is basically the premise that you will allow them to change whatever they want to change, when they want to change it, regardless of foundation, and you have to accept it. But don’t change their rules, lol. Don’t even attempt it! Tolerance is how you are supposed to act; not them.

Muslims want to wear burkas on their licenses? A 35-year old Muslim woman sued the State of Florida back in 2002, because her license was revoked when she refused to remove her veil. Again, someone wanting to ignore the rules that apply to everyone else, but shouldn’t apply to them, because we  should tolerate their belief. The American-born woman converted only 4 years earlier. She lost and continued appealing it, and lost. Not to pick on Muslims, but more recently, a Muslim woman weight-lifter wants the rules committee to bend the rules for her, because she is not allowed to show her arms and legs. Luckily for her, they obliged after she agreed to a wear a skin-tight outfit that will allow the judges to see that she has executed the lift properly. I have to wonder if skin-tight outfits will pass the mustard of the Koran. We know this wouldn’t fly in the Middle East, but this is the USA!

Yes, send us your weak, your poor, your huddled masses, so that we may modify your religion to suit your needs, so that we may rewrite your history, your heritage, your existence. I’m sorry, Emma Lazarus. I know you meant well with “The Great Colossus”, but the times have changed since the late 1800’s, and the Great Colossus has been replaced with an even Greater Divide.

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